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A Personal TouchOur Personal Insurance team is here for you. In a world of automated answering services, we strive to bring the people back to the businessA Smart CombinationCombine your home and auto coverage to enjoy savings, service-fee free monthly payments and the convenience of one expiry date.Protect
Your Pet
A PAWS pet protection policy covers veterinary costs and pet prescriptions if your beloved pet is injured in an automobile accident.
Event Coverage for Any OccasionIf you’re planning a wedding, gathering or other special event, call us. We offer policies that provide the protection you need.24 Equals 25Have your own vehicle? The wait is over! We offer vehicle-owning 24-year-olds the same insurance rates as a 25-year old.Insure Your GetawayYour vacation property, cottage or cabin is a welcome summer or winter escape, and it deserves protection all year round.Secure Your Other Rides TooProtect your recreational vehicles - motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers and watercraft - with a policy that gives you the protection you need.Protected From the Ground UpBuilding a new home? Our Builder’s Risk policy provides all risk affordable coverage so you can focus on creating the perfect home.

Personal Insurance

At Smith & Associates, We Believe Personal Insurance Should Be Just That – Personal...

Car insurance, home insurance, recreational getaways and vehicles – it's all about making sure you have the protection you need if something goes wrong, so you can get back to "right" faster.

At Smith & Associates Insurance, we go out of our way to make it personal. Our brokers can choose from a variety of different insurance policies that fit your needs.

You'll appreciate the personal service, should you ever have to make a claim. Call us and we'll help you sort through the whole process from documenting the damage to getting emergency funds and submitting your claim.

We know that insurance is not top of mind for most people – that is until you need it. At Smith & Associates, we make getting your insurance as easy and painless as possible. Our friendly staff will listen to your needs, give you a range of options in everyday language, and get you the best coverage possible at a fair and reasonable price.

Contact  Smith & Associates for a quote or more information, or read about some of our coverage options below.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in Ontario is constantly evolving. Let us help you sort through the various coverage options and customize a policy that’s right for you.

Contact a Smith & Associates today, and let’s get you on the road!


Ingenie was founded in 2011 in the UK to make driving safer and more affordable for young people between the ages of 16 and 24. It is now available to Ontario drivers. Some features of this program are:

  • 10% off
  • Includes an Ingenie Smartbox. This can earn up to 25% off for good drivers and give you regular feedback on your driving.
  • Billing is reviewed 3 times a year
  • Includes a temporary replacement vehicle in the event of an accident

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Classic Vehicles

We offer packages from Hagerty® insurance - the world’s leading insurance provider for classic vehicles, offering insurance for classic cars, trucks, boats and more. Hagerty also offers Hagerty Plus®, a comprehensive full-service roadside service program designed specifically for classics.

Hagerty Selling Features

A Hagerty® policy from Smith & Associates Insurance offers:

  • Low Rates: We can save you money. Hagerty only insures collectible cars so they can provide better coverage at a significantly lower price than traditional insurers.
  • Agreed value coverage: Hagerty will agree on a fair value for your classic, an in the event of a covered total loss, you’ll receive that full amount, less any deductible or salvage value if retained.
  • Flexible usage: Classic cars were made to be driven. Whether you’re going to a show or just taking a cruise to the ice cream shop, you’re protected.

Hagerty Canada, LLC. policies are underwritten by Elite Insurance Company, an Aviva Canada company. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements. 

Property Insurance

Protect your investment- whether it's your home, condominium, personal belongings, or your seasonal residence- they are all of value to you.

One of the biggest challenges with property insurance today are the changes in the weather patterns. Mother Nature can and is increasingly causing havoc in our world- be it wind, water or hail. It's important to know and understand your property policy, what is covered and what is not. Flood vs sewer backup -what is the difference? What about the snowmachine, atv or boat that is parked in the garage? Give Smith & Associates a call we will review and explain your coverages in everyday language and offer cost saving ways to reduce premiums.

Smith & Associates has the means and the products to insure all your property needs.

Is your home valued at $750,000 or higher? Click here


Ovation Luxury Home Insurance

A product specializing in homes valued at $750,000 or higher -  this product offers a competitive comprehensive package with many added features such as Equipment Breakdown, Household Lifestyle Protection and a complimentary home appraisal to name a few .  In addition, Ovation also provides coverage for Condos and Tenants Packages with a minimum value of $250,000. To find our more about this package contact us.

Smith & Associates  - Protection at its finest!

Group Insurance

As a Novex Group Insurance customer you'll not only benefit from preferred rates, you'll also enjoy these rewards:

Group Benefits

  • Additional discount on auto insurance when combined with home insurance
  • Customers who are claims-free, mortgage-free or non-smokers will be recognized
  • No interest or service charges on payment plans

Select Groups


A Smart Combination

Combine your Property & Automobile Insurance in one convenient package and realize savings and benefits. Discounts of up to 25% will apply and in the event of a claim - only one deductible applies!

Talk to a Smith & Associates representative today to combine your policies and realize your savings immediately

Protect Your Events

Whether you're planning a wedding, fundraising event or having a party Contact Smith & Associates to obtain a Special Events Policy. This program provides the hosts with protection in the event of lawsuits arising out of single or multi-day functions with or without service of alcohol.

Limits of liability available are from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000. Contact a Smith & Associates broker today to protect yourself from the unforeseen at your events.

Protect Your Pet!

PAWS an endorsement available for Pet owners to protect their cats and dogs. Protects pets owners from costly veterinary bills, prescribed medicine and boarding fees in the event of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

For complete details on PAWS contact Smith & Associates Insurance.

24 Equals 25

Twenty-five is an important birthday for drivers in terms of insurance. That's when you usually see a huge drop in your premiums. Statistically, turning 25 means you're more likely to have a career and more likely to be settling down- more responsibility and less risk.

At Smith & Associates -24 EQUALS 25. Contact our office for details.

Protect Your Getaway

You may not use it year-round, but your camp, cottage, trailer, cabin or other seasonal getway needs the same protection as your house from fire, theft and the elements. At Smith & Associates we can customize a package just for you.

Give Smith & Associates a call today to get a quote.

Secure Your Ride

If there’s one thing people in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario love, it’s their outdoor toys. It doesn’t matter if it’s getting out on the lake in the summer, sledding through the bush in the winter, or mudding in the spring and fall – it’s all fun!

Make sure the fun lasts by insuring your recreational vehicles too. Smith & Associates can put together an insurance quote for you to cover all your rides including:

  • Motor and sailboats
  • Jet skis
  • ATVs and dirt bikes
  • RVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Side-by-sides
  • Aircraft

No matter what your ride or where it takes you, Smith & Associates will make sure you’re covered. Call a Smith & Associates broker, and secure your ride.

Insuring the Good Times Keep on Rolling...

It may be cliché but it's true – in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario, we play as hard as we work. Sometimes, maybe even a little harder.

Which is why taking a moment to insure your recreational vehicles and properties is so important. Whether it's your camp or other vacation property, the boats and ATVs you use when you get there, or the RVs and airplanes you use to get away from it all, Smith & Associates Insurance can make sure your covered, no matter what the road (or air, or water) brings.

Contact us today and make sure you've got all your bases covered.

Builder’s Risk Insurance

Building your own home, renovating or adding an addition?                   At Smith & Associates we can provide you with an insurance policy to protect your home during construction, in the event of a fire, vandalism or theft of materials. Once your project is completed transition to a homeowners policy is a phone call away.

Contact Smith & Associates today and get the coverage you need to get your project underway.

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